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Mini FreakOUT!!

Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 5 March 2010

So I was just testing out my camera and what lens I wanted to use and had a mini freakout b/c my 50mm 1.4 lens wouldn’t work on my Pentax K20D… After a little panicked research on google, I found out my lens was not in auto mode… THANK THE LORD that was all that was wrong!! So thank you Pentax message boards for not allowing me to cry over a broken lens… I learn something new everyday!!!

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Work…and stuff:)

Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 2 March 2010

I am sooo sick of work but I have good news!! I am officially on 10 hr days! I only work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday… I have off every single Wednesday now:) Super excited about this. My days seem to go by faster for some reason. I think its this new schedule we are on in addition to the longer hours. It tends to keep us busier which is nice. 

So now I have my Wednesday’s to focus on other aspects of my life.  As an amatuer photographer trying to go pro, I might try to find a photography class I can get into for those days or maybe just spend my days researching on the Internet until a new class starts up at the Community College.   I have learned so much from a few blogs and sites already:

  • The Digital Photography School  is an AWESOME resource! From lighting to lenses to everything in between including bags and tips and techniques are included in this blog/site.
  • Strobist is another site that is teaching me a ton about Lighting.
  • I love portrait photography and I ♥ Faces is a great place to enter weekly contests, get freebies, and get inspired by other great photographers..

I am always looking for inspiration and ideas so if anyone knows of any other photography resources I would love it… I also love good cooking blogs to catch up on so any suggestions on those would be fantastic too!

Anyway… Long story short, this will be a GREAT opportunity for me to spend some time learning instead of wasting my life away at work!


Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 9 February 2010

I was blessed by a snow day today.. I have been hearing about all of this blizzard weather on the East Coast and it makes me wish I still lived there… Yes, I am a little crazy for missing the East for the massive snows, but I just love it so much.  I also miss my family there and I feel like I am missing out on getting to know each and everyone of them on a more personal level. I know family is family and they will be there to take me in when I visit but I wish I was able to develop a deeper level of relationship with them. I admire the people they are and feel so far away. This is probably more because I have lost so many family members within the past couple of years and I wish I would have had the chance to know them better.  I treasure the moments I had but it just seems like there just weren’t enough.

Anyways, I don’t want to be Debbie Downer:) I just enjoyed my snow day at home and finally got my camera out after several weeks of not picking it up. How am I supposed to keep learning and improving if I don’t practice… Practice makes perfect!!! 🙂 haha.. At least that’s what my Dad always said.

I love how snow brings me back to the feelings of the holidays. All of that excitement… and I started cleaning up my room and organizing when I realized this guy was still out.. I just can’t put him away for the year just yet…

Well here are some other pictures I took today outside.. It was soooo cold out!

I have seen some improvement in my photography since I first started back in Oct. I am noticing the things I want to be in focus are and I don’t have as many blurry shots. I still need to work on the head space and composition of my photos  (instead of having to go back and edit a lot of that out) but overall, I can tell I am doing better. I would really like to take a formal class sometime soon but all of the ones at the community college start on the normal schedule and they don’t have just regular continuing ed classes. The classes offered at the place I got my camera are good but are only one hour classes and I don’t think I learn well and retain what I have learned when its all thrown at me at once. I would love to find a college type class where there are assignments and hands on lectures and feedback. If you know of anything in the STL area please let me know… not that I have that many readers yet:)

And finally, this last picture reminds me of how I have felt lately.. I am the leaf frozen in time waiting for my life to defrost and start flowing again…

First Post…

Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 22 November 2009

Its been a while since I have posted anything and so I thought I would get on here and give an update on my life… I don’t have many readers but this is good for me to get it out so…here it goes:)

Well, work is the same.. boring as always. I wish I had the resources and client base to my photography full time. I am still learning though. I wish I could go back to school for this. I have always known I love photography but I never considered it for a career until now. I love capturing something other people look at and say “wow!” 🙂

My love life is also the same… I long for someone to call mine and who wants to call me his.. I want someone who has chosen me to wrap their arms around me and look me in the eyes and without a word, I’ll know I am never going to be alone again… I am living in a dream world though and life is not a fairy tale…

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 22 November 2009

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