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Posted in Uncategorized by honestyhonestly on 2 March 2010

I am sooo sick of work but I have good news!! I am officially on 10 hr days! I only work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday… I have off every single Wednesday now:) Super excited about this. My days seem to go by faster for some reason. I think its this new schedule we are on in addition to the longer hours. It tends to keep us busier which is nice. 

So now I have my Wednesday’s to focus on other aspects of my life.  As an amatuer photographer trying to go pro, I might try to find a photography class I can get into for those days or maybe just spend my days researching on the Internet until a new class starts up at the Community College.   I have learned so much from a few blogs and sites already:

  • The Digital Photography School  is an AWESOME resource! From lighting to lenses to everything in between including bags and tips and techniques are included in this blog/site.
  • Strobist is another site that is teaching me a ton about Lighting.
  • I love portrait photography and I ♥ Faces is a great place to enter weekly contests, get freebies, and get inspired by other great photographers..

I am always looking for inspiration and ideas so if anyone knows of any other photography resources I would love it… I also love good cooking blogs to catch up on so any suggestions on those would be fantastic too!

Anyway… Long story short, this will be a GREAT opportunity for me to spend some time learning instead of wasting my life away at work!


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